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The Oleg Fastovsky Outstanding Citizen Scholarship is a scholarship for college program created under Mr. Fastovsky’s name, who is working without resting to serve starting from his community to the rest of the world. His career as a criminal defense attorney had brought him the opportunity to work with different persons with incredible stories to talk about. To be a lawyer in a big city sounds like a Hollywood movie, but Mr. Fastovsky decided to pursue to serve justice from his heart.

He is someone who is aware of anyone’s life meaning, any person can move a leader’s heart and be part of something bigger than they are, and these anonymous stars are the true society changers. That is why Mr. Fastovsky is now investing in education (especially for the ones that are looking for an online degree) with The Outstanding Citizen Scholarship and Essay.

This idea is motivating online degree students from around the world to show their community leadership skills and dedication to follow their dreams so they can continue influence their societies in the best possible way.

Anyone who is already enrolled in a post-secondary institution (including colleges and online universities) can participate and be part of this scholarship contest, the only thing that students are required to do is to write an essay and that is it. They are all participating for the $500 scholarship for college to use on their college degree online program.

Students must be registered in an accredited high-education institution; it can be online universities, community college, a private or public undergraduate college, and universities, a private or public graduate degree program, a law program, or a business program.

The winner must show his/her enrollment at the facility, if no then the juror will be choosing another person (possible someone who is taking a college degree online) to give the grant. It is also necessary to have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater. The main idea to talk about in this essay is the commitment with the community and people; it must be proved with the essay and the candidate’s CV.

The application package contains:

  • The CV to show each participant’s educational background (it does not matter if it is from online universities), professional experience, and volunteer practices with an attention on public service and community.
  • A current official academic transcript indicating that the candidate’s cumulative grade-point average is 3.0 or greater.
  • A letter of recommendation from somebody who can prove to the great effort on a community service activity the applier had completed.
  • The 500-word essay has to answer the next question: ‘‘what is one of the most important ways an individual can serve her or his community, and how have you served your community in this way?’’

The juror will announce the winner in spring, and who knows? A participant who is taking a online degree program may win this grant. Everybody have until March 31 to send the application package.

14 thoughts on “Show your community engagement and win scholarships for college

  1. my community engagement is not so much. so to improve this comunity egagement to the best. if you help me by this scholarship, the advantage is not only me rather than my community. please help me soon.

  2. Am very interested in this opportunity please help me how to go about. I live in Papua New Guinea in Madang Province if given an opportunity I will very much appreciate and can improve my community in Papua New Guinea.

  3. Hi Good day!
    I am Lyndie T. Pantaleon from Cebu Philippines, i am currently taking up a STEM strand. I am a grade 12 student , a graduating student today. Now that I am here today grabbing this opportunity for my tuition. I am planning to take college but i am conscious because my parents cannot afford money enough to support my tuition. so that today i am hoping that i could pass this kind of scholarship. Because this scholarship is maybe the reason that i could get my dream.

  4. My name is John Sumana,I have spent more than 1oyears with community work in my country. I really want to explore further and improved my carrer. My country is an third world classified nation and we are under commonwealth nation. Can I get this scholarship to improve and contribute to the development of my beloved Solomon islnads.

  5. I\’m Piheter Supinho from Mozambique. I have been working for over 10 years for community development, because working and living in rural areas have not had opportunities to know about the possibility of scholarships. As I had a high school education in the field of agriculture, I would like to continue in the field in higher education to better support the communities of my country. Could I benefit from a scholarship?

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