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Online study Australia is a website that is looking to award online students by giving them the opportunity to win a $2,000 grant for their online education program. The only thing that they actually need to do is to write an essay on ‘‘what is your reason for choosing online study?’’.

The student that answer this question well will be getting $2,000. However, why are online colleges students motivated to pursue online degree programs? Online education is different from attending classes on campus; each person is the one who decides at what time, on which day, and where to study as an alternative of have the necessity to be at an academy a definite moment.

It is a myth online colleges students will not get as involved on online classes as they get on live classes, they do. To have an online education group or online classmate is as cool as having peers that are seeing everyday of this wonderful journey.  It is better because common classmates can be your neighbors but online degree programs students can be anyone from any part of the world. Not everyone gets the chance to have a Chinese girl, a Brazilian doctor and a Spanish teacher learning in the same classroom.

This education grant website wants online degree students to show their opinion on why is cool to be part of the e-learning community, they are needed to leave a comment before September 2018 on the post of their website to get the opportunity to win $2,000. To have everybody falling for the idea and the personal motivation of online courses is hard, but possible.

Of course, the essay competition has its own rules: First, to choose only one reason to talk about, not a list, not using more than one to compare. Only one reason is important to create the essay talking about only that and anything else. Second: the first line of the comment is the title of the essay, it is important to pay attention on what are applicants writing and how are they making it. The website will bold the title when they approve the comment.

Third: tell an interesting story. To have everybody fall apart for a personal story is the key, to be motivated behind the essay is what are they are looking for.

A simple essay about online colleges will not make students win $2,000, it is not just some homework sent from school, it is important to keep in mind that creativity and imagination are a huge part of this process. The essay is needed to be exciting, educational and engaging, students have only 3 entries opportunities to be part of this competition.

Each 100-200 word essay must be written well, it does not need to be a Shakespeare masterpiece; it only needs to be grammatically accurate and easy to read. It is essential to add blank lines among paragraphs.

The money will be given to the winner using PayPal. Each comment will be reviewed in a period of 24 to 48 hours. If there is a entry that is similar to another they will not publish the last one, that’s why is necessary to comment early, to get a better chance of winning.

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  1. I Would like to know if the competition is still available and how to join such competition?

  2. Hi Sir,

    Is completion open, any specific forms for completion application. Need to fill in for the completion and send to funders.

    Thanks Ms Clotilda Claudia Harry

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