$13,000 Annual Japanese Government Scholarship

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Japan is known all over the world as a hub for innovation in multiple fields, especially science and technology. It is home to one of the cities with the highest cost of living. It also boasts of worldwide top-ranking universities.

To many, Japan is a faraway wonderland that even full-time salaried people could only vacation to. For college students struggling to make their tuition payments, getting an education in a premier Japanese university like Tokyo University would be something of a miracle. But with government student grants like this one, it’s now within reach.

Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) is opening doors for international students who are enthusiastic about the Japanese culture and language. An extensive list of degree programs are available to choose from.

A monthly funding of ¥117,000 or $1,100 for tuition fees will be given. Should the student be assigned to study or research in other parts of Japan, a monthly allowance of ¥2,000 – ¥3,000 for living and travel costs will be added as well. Airline tickets going to Japan from the student’s home country and vice versa will also be shouldered by MEXT.

The duration of this scholarship is at least 5 years, from March 2018 to April 2023. It may be longer depending on which field of study the student chooses. For those taking medicine, dentistry, or pharmacy, the length of study will be extended to 6-7 years, all of which is covered.

This includes the 1 year Japanese language intensive study, which is necessary because the mode of instruction in most classes is Japanese. This will be conducted in either Tokyo University or Osaka University.

Applicants who have previously studied Japanese or who enrolled in courses that are not taught in Japanese will not have to undergo the 1-year intensive language course.

Considering the study duration, yearly tuition funds, and monthly stipends, a scholarship awardee can receive up to ¥7.1 million or $66,800 for a 5-year study. Student grants as generous as this are rarely available.

In order to qualify for this scholarship, applicants must be a national of a country that has diplomatic relations with Japan. He or she ideally should be born between 2nd April 1996 and 1st April 2001, and must have completed 12 years of primary and secondary education, and should not already be undergoing any undergraduate program.

Applicants can choose any bachelor’s degree programs under Social Sciences and Humanities such as Law, Sociology, and History, as well as Natural Sciences like Agriculture and Engineering.

To know all the pertinent information regarding this scholarship, please see this http://www.mext.go.jp/component/a_menu/education/detail/__icsFiles/afieldfile/2017/04/21/1384516_02.pdf.

22 thoughts on “$13,000 Annual Japanese Government Scholarship

  1. Hi Sir,

    I really need a schorlship in Informations and Technology to upgrade my skill in the Technology world to help in my duty as a Law Enforcement Offier in my country the Solomon Islands.
    Please help me get a scholaship in cinformation Technology , International Business managment and Public Administrations., my fields of interest and duties.

    Please help me get a schorlship so I can continue help my country in lmy law Enforcement duties and family as well with Business skill acquired.

    hear from you again.

    clotilda claudia Harry from the Solomon Islands.

  2. My name is Asaye Liknaw from Ethiopia and i have a master degree in management of vocational education and i like to proceed my PhD but i have not enough income to learn, so please help me with your kindness. Thank you.

  3. I have got an excellent-ranked master degree in English Litereature and now seeking for a fully funded scholarship to do Phd. in English Language or if possible in Business Adminstration which I prefer. I wish my dream comes true.

  4. hi.Am Aggée AGOSSOU from Benin.I have the baccalaureate. I want to continue my university studies in economics.I am a brilliant student by lack of financial resources I am not able to continue the studies in my country..I would like to apply for this scholarship to realize my higher studies in order to increase my chances on the job market once back home.and serve my country from the knowledge that I will acquire if you grant me this scholarship.please help me..I have a lot of need for help my family out of our life.
    Best regards!

  5. Hi Sir,

    Really grateful for informations but not qualify as Im a mature applicant, 43 years old, law enforcement worker.

    if scholarship for mature applicants or open category then will suit me.

    thanks very much for surport
    Please search for a open category for me.



  6. Hello, my name is sanaz norouziyan.Am from Iran, I need your scholarship to study Industrial engineering .An the other hand , I don’t know how to apply ,please tell me about to apply for PhD
    Thank you

  7. Hi…My name is Pinkie Elizabeth Rasetapa ..am from Botswana in Africa..i need your scholarship to study telecommunications engineering..i already have a city and guilds certificate in telecommunications systems engineering..please help me on how to apply for a scholarship..thank you

  8. Hi , I\’m writing on the behalf of my daughter, Christina Aduwane Harry (born in 1999, completed year 12(12 years of study to higher school with English pacific examinations of distinction 3 grade English. Please offer her a scholarship to further study with you for Bachelor in marine science in year 2020. We are from the Solomon Islands, a partnership country in development with Solomon islands.

    Please response to my email.

  9. Am Vincent from Uganda and I finished school last year and I lacked funds for my further education, so I started teaching Sunday school at our local church and till now I help in doing that so that\’s how I help my community and wish to transform it to its best by raising young generation that is God fearing. If I really get this chance, it will be the start of transforming my society. U want to study public finance and accounting. May God bless u as u put my request under your consideration.

  10. Hello…I am Mukter Hossain. I am from Bangladesh. At present, I am completing my graduation from University of Dhaka. I have a dream to learn or be a part of cultures of industrialized country like you.But for being poor, its only a dream to me. if you grant me this scholarship, i will be able to fulfill my dream. If you grant me such a scholarship, i will be grateful to you from the core of my heart.

  11. I wishes I can study in Japan. I wishes I can scolorship.i wish I can learn everything from Japan and get it to develop my country.
    From cambodian person.

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