$67,280 Scholarship for Online Masters of Public Health

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The job market is getting more competitive by the day. A bachelor’s degree has already become commonplace – even a minimum requirement to get a decent paying job. Those who want to be promoted or qualify for a higher position job need to have a masters degree in order to have an edge over competition.

However, it’s not that easy to acquire one, mainly because of the cost. People who have worked for only 2 years often have not even paid for their student loan that got them their undergraduate degree. So a scholarship for a masters degree is a very sought after opportunity.

The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is offering a scholarship for its Online Masters of Public Health program. This course can be completed in under a year for full-time students, and in a span of 2-3 years for those taking online classes through its distance learning courses.

Here, the prestigious institution is offering a full ride – this means no tuition fee for the whole degree. Not only that, but they are also giving a small subsistence allowance for the lucky few who will be awarded the scholarship.

The Bloomberg Fellows Scholarship guarantees the full tuition of the part-time or those taking the Masters in Public Health program through online classes that is worth over $67,000. This course is completed in 80 credits in 2 to 3 years. A stipend of around $10,000 will also be given to help with living and travel expenses. In total, a student can get up to $77,280 worth of financial assistance.

In order to qualify for this scholarship, a student needs to already hold employment in the United States with organizations tackling, addiction, violence, and obesity issues in society for two (2) years. This is due to the program’s distance learning courses that need to be applied right away in the workplace.

Should the applicant have completed a doctorate degree in public health, then the employment requirement is considered fulfilled. If the applicant is about to complete the said degree or the required employment experience when enrolling, then they are only eligible for this scholarship once they have completed the full 2 years.

Other requirements include a proof of bachelor’s degree in any of the following fields: math, biology, or other subjects related to health science. Non-native English speakers will also need to present English proficiency proof: a score of 100 (computer-based) or 600 (paper-based) TOEFL, or 7 overall score in IELTS.

Applicants who earn their degree under this scholarship will be required to work with organizations that are active in resolving public health issues with organizations that the school is partnered with for one (1) year.

People who want to apply for this scholarship can go to this website http://www.jhsph.edu/academics/degree-programs/master-of-public-health/program-overview/ for more information about the program and its application process.

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  1. Thank you this information, i\’m the one needs a masters in public health but still have a financial problem i\’m working in the Hospital but my knowledge is still low concerning the public health. I\’m serving as a Human Resource Officer of Hospital, so i wanted to know what is the requirement to get a scholarship for studying or doing a masters in public health online? Thank you for feedback?

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